February 8, 2012

Quilt Threads

Arent' these hand-sewn throws to die for? Squeeeeeel!

I spied these Indian throws made from vintage material in Tuesday Morning's recent flyer. Unfortunately, I paid almost three times' as much for one not too long ago. Oy. So, I waited for yesterday to arrive and drove on over to the closest TM. . . . only to find our store did NOT get ANY! Wait. What? Guess that's how they roll. Not every stores gets everything. Big tease. 

Well, when momma gets her heart set on something, momma will find a way. I almost gave up after the clerk called two other stores and they had already sold out. But no. I didn't. After I got home, I called some TMs further outside of Nashville. Yay. It paid off. I found one store that had four left.

Uncharted TN territory for me. After getting lost, as always, I finally did make it  over an hour later. It was worth the drive because they actually had six! I left one behind. Hush now, don't tell my budget what I did. 

I think I'm a blanket ho. 


  1. Blanket ho...that made me laugh out loud! The throws are beautiful. I can see why you made a special trip to find them.

  2. I would have done the same. I love these and they are pricey under normal circumstances. There is a Tuesday morning near by. Let me know next time and I'll check here, too.