February 22, 2014

Todd Snider and Hard Working Americans

I love this guy. He's kind of the unofficial "spokesperson" for East Nashville, a funky little part of town where a lot of the singer/songwriters live and an area in town that the hub and I love. We're even thinking about hanging up the suburban life for a little spot in the city at some point. If, that is, I can get my shit together enough to get the house ready to put on the market. Ugh.

I love me some Todd Snider. His personality is so refreshing--whether he is telling a story or singing a song, he always throws in that genuine ear-to-ear grin which is very contagious. You can feel the love he has for writing and his audience.

His humility should humble the best of musicians. 

Watch out Jack (White), I have a new BF.

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